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  • 02/14/20 Jay receives the Axel Berny Presidential Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations Jay!
  • 12/20/19 Matteo receives the prestigious James Sprague Presidential fellowship. Congratulations Matteo!
  • 10/22/19 Congratulations to Jay for receiving the prestigious Dowd Fellowship!
  • 09/20/19 Matteo and Yasin receive the best poster award, first place at the BME forum competition. Congratulations!
  • 08/18/19 Our acousto-optic work is in the news and featured in many news outlets! Nice articles about our work. I particularly liked the article in OPN, since it covers important technical details while it presents the story in a simple and understandable way.
  • 08/09/19  Our paper on high density flexible micro-LED neural probes is now published.  This was the result of a very fruitful collaboration between our lab, Alison Barth and Elias Towe's lab. You can find out more here. Congratulations to Jay and Ibrahim for this nice piece of work!
  • 07/17/19  Our paper on virtual micro-endoscopic optical imaging using virtual ultrasonically defined relay lenses is out.  You can check it out here. Congratulations to Matteo for this nice piece of work!
  • 04/19/19  Maya has received the Outstanding Woman in Engineering Award. Well deserved! 
    03/23/19  Our work on ultrasonically-assisted optical imaging and manipulation in brain tissue received the IEEE BRAIN Best Paper Award, first place, at IEEE NER19. The paper is co-authored by Yasin and Matteo.
  • 03/04/19  Yasin's paper on in situ spatial light patterning using ultrasound is published in the journal of Optics Express. Matteo is the other author on this paper. Congratulations Yasin and Matteo!
  • 01/27/19 Jay has been selected to receive the prestigious Ben Cook Presidential Graduate fellowship. Congratulations Jay!
  • 11/28/18 Maya receives the prestigious GEM fellowship. Congratulations Maya!
  • 11/20/18 Congratulations to Matteo for successfully passing his qualifying exam!
  • 11/06/18 Zabir presented two papers on at SfN 2018: one on subdermal EEG and the other one on high-density probes for primates (Kaustubh is a co-author).
  • 11/04/18 Maya and Jay presented their papers on Parylene WG neural probes and high-density neural probes at SfN 2018. 
  • 10/18/18 Zabir presented the subdermal EEG paper in BioCAS2018. This work was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Grover's lab. 
  • 9/21/18 Maya receives the best poster award for her work on Parylene photonics in collaboration with Jay and Ram. Congratulations Maya and the team! 
  • 9/01/18 Welcome undergrad researchers: Lillie, Teddy, and Sarah
  • 9/01/18 Jay's paper on Parylene photonic waveguides is published in Optics Letters. Congratulations Jay!
  • 8/20/18 The UCNP micro-light bulb paper is published in Biomedical Optics Express.
  • 8/13/18 The subdermal EEG paper is accepted for presentation in BioCAS2018. This work was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Grover's lab. Congratulations to Zabir and Jay!
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