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Implantable Neural Interfaces

We are designing high-density multimodal neural probes that can be implanted in the tissue for electrophysiology recording, optogenetic stimulation, chemical stimulation and sensing and endoscopic imaging. These neural probes are implemented in different material platforms such as Parylene C, Silicon and Stainless Steel using innovative micro/nano-fabrication techniques. The size, shape, and the number of functional channels are designed to address the needs of the targeted application. We are working on multi-functional neural interfaces for neuroscience studies in rodent models. We are also designing high-aspect ratio neural probes for non-human primates with the ultimate goal of translation to clinical applications for monitoring and mitigating conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson's. 
Some of our neural interfaces consist of active optical and electronic elements and some of them consist of passive elements.
We are developing complete systems consisting of microfabricated devices packaged with backend circuits that can be readily used in neuroscience studies after in-house ex-vivo and in-vivo testing and validation.
You can find out more about the specific projects here:     
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Parylene Photonic Waveguide Neural Probes


High-density Optoelectrical Neural Probes

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